Do I have to be in a team?

Yes, you need to be in a team of 2 people. Team members must be University of Bath students - Undergraduate or Postgraduate! If you aren't yet in a team, come to the pitch event on 24th October 5:30-7:30pm at the Innovation Centre. This will give you the opportunity to find someone with the perfect coding or business skills to complement your own talents.

Are any of the events compulsory?

No, however if you do not attend the finale then you will not be able to present to the judges, thus you will not receive enough points to win the competition.

Do I need to have any programming knowledge?

No, students will form teams with a mix of technology, design and business skills. If you don't have the necessary skills, someone in your team will.

The only technical requirement for the competition is a wireframe showing the judges the concept of your app. A wireframe is a plan of your app showing what each 'screen' will look like, how the user will navigate around your app and what content will be displayed. The wireframe software we have set up for you to use is at

What is the prize?

The prize for the winner is a business trip to London to visit tech giants! You will spend time with some of the top tech companies & Bath Alumni. You will have the chance to pitch your concept to some of the biggest names in tech, and receive feedback and advice on where to go next.

How do the presentations work?

The judges will meet before the final event and score all of the entries against the published business and technological criteria. From this, they will decide which teams will be invited to present at the Finale. 

How long are the presentations?

You will have 10 minutes to present to the judges. Your presentation can have a demo video. After your presentation, you will receive up to 3 minutes of questions from the judges.

The judges will recommend some software for you to produce your prototype ready for the final however, it is up to you what software you choose for your prototype.

When does the competition end?

The Apps Crunch Finale is on 21st November 5:30-7:30pm.

I have entered the competition previously, can I enter again?

Yes, but you need to enter a new idea to the one you entered previously.