The Apps Crunch is an exciting team competition that challenges students from all University of Bath departments to come up with an idea and design an app with a viable business model. Cross-disciplinary teams will compete against each other to solve real-world problems with their app ideas.

Whether you have the tech skills to develop the next Angry Birds, have the business know-how to turnover six figures in your first year, can turn the ugliest of wireframes into a beautiful masterpiece, or have a wacky idea but don't know what to do next, get involved with Apps Crunch now!

The winners of this year's competition will receive an all expenses paid trip to London to meet with University of Bath alumni working at some of the biggest tech giants.

Entrants will be required to submit a two-page business plan, a wireframe and, if you make it into the final, a working prototype. The business plan should outline your market research, go to market strategy and financial analysis. The wireframe must be made using Balsamiq. If you have the skills, you can code the prototype yourself.